Hina Kashmiri

Hina Kashmiri

INR 500/-

(Kashmiri saffron, sandalwood, vetiver, clove, cinnamon)

Among India's most stunning attar blends, Hina Kashmiridazzles with a dashingly unique formulation of brilliantly interplaying notes - a deep, rich Kashmiri saffron top note, vetiver or khus, base note of legendary aged Indian Mysore sandalwood and spice sprinkled in. At the crossroads of Indian and Arabian perfumery, the attar is a fascinating m'lange of musky, tantalizing spicy and woody. It recreates the eras of the Indian Nawaabs and the Arab Sheikhs, last incredibly long on skin or fabric and boast of a fabulous sillage-the amount a fragrance spreads around the wearer. Oh, and what a dry down! Like notes of all fragrances families in loving embrace!

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