Meera Dhoop

Meera Dhoop

INR 50/-

(Pure, natural Indian incense)

In the enormity of India's fragrance market, rarely does one stumble upon a purely natural incense, sans synthetics and straight out of the earth. In the upper reaches of the lower Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, a rare species of root is excavated by expert village folk and farmers. This is then crushed into a sticky, homogenous block by Gulabsingh Johrimal? expert perfumers. Known as Lakkad Dhoop, the earthy, herbaceous and spicy aroma of this completely natural incense is a uniquely exhilarating fragrance experience. Pieces of your preferred size can be plucked out from the block, rolled into size and burnt. Named after India's revered poetess saint Meerabai, Meera Dhoop instantly evokes devotion, disinfects and purifies the atmosphere with natural Ayurvedic herbs as its inherent ingredients.

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