Ruh Khus -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

Ruh Khus -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

The climate of the Indian sub-continent during summer just can’t let you enjoy any perfume or attar but this is where our saviour enters! Ruh Khus. Obtained from the roots of Khus/vetiver, this green liquid provides a cooling effect over the skin and helps you fight this torturing heat.

A brownish-green liquid from the legendary house of GSJM gives intense green woody earthy notes which aren’t too harsh for your nose but makes a smooth fragrance bubble around you. Wherever you go, a trail of aroma will stay behind and make you noticeable for sure. Overall, this Ruh khus lasts for a good 10-12 hours on skin on a hot day, giving a fresh woody vibe! On clothes, I smelled it on the next day too.

As per Mr Kushal Gundhi, the main person at Nai Sadak outlet, this oil has been distilled from khus grown in Hasayan and aged for around 5 years.

You may layer this with floral attars such as Rose, Jasmine, Mogra, or can wear kewda too. My go-to layering with Khus is Wild Rose from Ajmal. I tend to give a couple of swipes on my wrists and don’t rub. Moments at which hints of roses hit me, take my heart away.

-Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar