Gulabsingh Johrimal Part 2 -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

Gulabsingh Johrimal Part 2 -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

My family's connection with @gsjm1816 goes back a few years, with me being 4th generation using their products. Something which when I shared with Mr. Vinamra brought a big smile to his face!

We took a break after going through the natural frags and started talking about perfumes, raw materials, and favourite notes. That's when Pandora’s box opened and conversation for French attars flowed.

Here, I want to specially mention two private blends, Black Oud Gold (BOG) and Royal Oud Cedar (ROC). These top-class French compounded oils say a lot about the young perfumer behind them, Mr. Vinamra. One MUST try these blends - BOG is based on an oudy profile while ROC is a Citrus Woody Musky fragrance.

While my list comprised of recommendations I took, in the next few hours I exceeded it and tried over 50 French fragrances which were alts/inspired by several renowned brands.

Though priced at a fraction of the amount of the naturals, they were exceptionally done. I had tried a few of the original scents and when I tried their alts, my reaction was, "Bro! This is really good and close to the original!"

My recommendations for French fragrances from the house of Gulabsingh Johrimal:
(I’ll suggest you to know about these fragrances from them, before ordering)

I want to thank Mr Mukul Gundhi ji, Mr Vinamra Gundhi, Mr Vibhu Gundhi and the whole staff at GSJM for having me over???????? I had a lot of questions and they took their time to answer all of them, which helped me and gave some great insights about the fragrance world. Also, we must take a picture next time????

This hobby-turned-passion project, Sugandh Saar, hit the 500 followers mark???????? Thanks to each one of you for being part of this journey, I promise to bring such fragrant posts????

-Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar