Gulabsingh Johrimal Part 1 -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

Gulabsingh Johrimal Part 1 -Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

I remember watching Dr. Nikhil's documentary of the heritage house of Gulab Singh Johrimal, which I still re-watch sometimes, and thinking about buying oils from them. Fast forward to this day, I visited the same store, tried a lot of naturals, mixed media and synthetic fragrances. And one thing I want to say is,

Old Baccarat decanters filled with beautiful fragrant oils, kept in wooden glass almirahs! The walls and the shelves along with all the elements tell stories of the fragrant past this shop has.

I have been in touch with Mr. Vinamra Gundhi, who handles the social media handle @gsjm1816 , and not only that, he has come up with several private blends of the house!

The olfactory treat started with Ruh Gulab - a speciality of the house - pure crisp, sweet, honey, velvety aroma of just petals, no green spicy tone to it, of Rose damascena aka Bulgarian Rose from Hasayan! It's love at first sight. I enquired about something budget friendly and I was offered Attar Gulab no. 1460. Boy oh boy! Almost similar fragrance while only difference being this had sandalwood as the carrier oil.

Next came Attar Moulshree and Attar Kadamb! Trust me, one must surely try these two, especially Moulshree which was Vinamra's recommendation. Florals which you don't find easily and if you do, you don't get quality. But this, friends, you gotta try them.

A small discussion about the Jasmine family was followed by trying Ruh Chameli (Jasmine Grandiflorum) and Ruh Mogra (Jasmine Sambac). But can be a bit overwhelming for people but a frag hack????Mix both of them and see the magic! Also, no green, bitter tone in any of these florals. Being a Jasmine fan, I just loved it.

Next came, the mighty Ruh Rajnigandha! You don't see this floral fragrance very often and neither is it appreciated by everyone. A tiny drop and very intense green opening which might hit you but keep calm because after 5-7 mins, a creamy, velvety, fresh, buttery aroma of Rajnigandha stays with you.

Ruh Rajnigandha and Ruh Gulab were two most recommended oils and I want to say thanks to each and everyone who asked me to try them! Will definitely buy them soon ??

Attar Harsingar! I love this delicate flower and the aroma it has. But my bad that I couldn't get it because it was out of stock!

Attar Gill! Fragrance of the first rain married to beautiful sandalwood oil is nostalgic, therapeutic and calming. Use this after a tough day at work, layer it with khus and you'll see magic happening!

Next in the line were Gul Heena, Shamama no. 1460 and Attar Raat ki Raani, each of which'll have a dedicated post in future.

All these florals and naturals are my 101% recommendation from the house! Might be a little costly but the best part is, you can get 1.25gm vials of them and spend time with them. Trust me, you'll forget those french perfumes once you enter this natural extravaganza.

Keeping this post for naturals, I will post about French style attars in a few days….. Part 2 coming soon!

-Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar