Attar Shamama 1460-Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

Attar Shamama 1460-Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar

Delhi’s weather has been quite brutal for the past couple of weeks and Shamama has been my saviour. Made from aromatic spices blended in a proportion, Shamama captures the warmth and hugs you with its “???? ??????” 

Attar Shamama from Gulab Singh Johrimal does the same but differently. 

This all-natural oil is like visiting Khari Baoli (Asia’s biggest wholesale spice market in Delhi), roaming around on a cold winter day and at the end, having a cup of masala tea! The relaxation one feels after the first sip while you smell a blend of spices from your clothes! The warmth, the comfort, the solace! That, that my friend is Shamama??

The oil, in the first instance, smells like opening a jar full of aromatic spices! Saffron, Cumin, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Javitri, Nutmeg, some black pepper, oakmoss and a lot more. It's a gala of aromatic spices captured in a bottle. But let it settle on your skin while you feel the warmth of this thick, gorgeous saffron colour oil. 

A calming, soothing aroma of spices captures your soul and makes you feel the warmth on your body. 

As the intensity lowers, a sweet ambery tone takes over with a woody, creamy sandalwood in the background. And a surprise! A faint smell of red velvety rose accompanying these two.

While the opening might be harsh for some as it grows on your skin, the magic happens. You fall in love with it and wish to sniff the fragrance again and again.  

Being all-natural, especially the top spicy notes, the fragrance doesn't last for a long time but one can get a creamy, soothing sandalwood on the skin with some touch of spices. 

Overall, a very well-balanced, slightly smoky Shamama with no rough edges, no overpowering spices and gives you a smooth ride! 

A request to all fragrance enthusiasts, try this for once at least, it has been part of our ancient culture. Experience the heritage!

-Review by Sarthak Kumar, Sugandh Saar